Non-Destructive Testing Training Courses

  • 20 Aug 2012
  • 507 Deer Park Avenue Dix Hills, NY 11746

Non-Destructive Testing Training    

"Courses Being Offered to the Aviation Maintenance Industry"

Western Suffolk BOCES is pleased to offer four courses in Non-Destructive Testing to the Aviation Maintenance Industry on Long Island:




Have you ever wondered about the safety of some of our modern equipment?


How do we ensure that an intercontinental oil pipeline won’t fail?

How do we make sure that the 100-plus story buildings being erected all around the world have solid superstructures?

And how do we know that the wing of the aircraft you are looking at from your window seat at 36,000 feet doesn’t have a hidden crack?

The answer to all these questions can be found in the science of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Western Suffolk BOCES is pleased to offer very reasonably-priced training in the field starting this August.  NDT training and certification greatly enhances the knowledge and employability of individuals in a host of fields, including Aviation, Petrochemical, Nuclear, High-Performance Ceramics, Energy Generation, Transportation, Architecture and Building Science, to name just a few.

aeroplane in the sky 

Become a part of this burgeoning field.  Take a look at the attached course descriptions and register by calling  631.667.6000 x320 or go directly to  While the science of Non-Destructive Testing can be applied across many fields, these courses will focus on their application in Aviation Maintenance and will be given at our Republic Airport campus.  Attendance is limited to the first ten registered students.

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